If you want to make money in 2020, the way to do it is to find some product connected with COVID-19, convince everyone that they need it and then sell it to them. Such would be the master plan. Let us look at the options to get rich quick…..

First contender, face-masks. The problem with face-masks is, to put it mildly, that it is a real struggle to come up with strong evidence for their efficacy, even their strongest advocates admit the evidence is “mixed” (every report even in the NYT uses words such as “some” experts suggest they “may” be of benefit) and they do, in practice, do very little to prevent the spread of the disease. What is even worse, is that there are now warnings being issued by some doctors that extended wearing of face masks produces a nice bacterial mix in the face mask because of the perfect temperature caused by the warm air you are continually exhaling and inhaling, and that, soft, abosrbent material in your mask leading to a perfect breeding ground for all sorts of nasties normally exhaled into the open air, that can lead to bacterial forms of pneumonia. Risky investment! However, some countries like South Africa are giving it a good go, you can now report your spouse for refusing to wear one in the house and it is as serious a crime as attempted murder, so there is potential to make some money in SA. However, elsewhere, the ridiculous looseness of the requirements in the various countries around the world (from a handkerchief or headscarf around the mouth or your favourite bandana) and the negligent attitude to enforcement, is a silent admission that it is primarily a psychological ploy to help people “feel safe” so they can go out and spend some pennies before there is a worldwide economic collapse which would be far worse than any novel coronavirus. …

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“The government said evidence suggests that when used correctly, face coverings may reduce the chance of infecting others”

Tomorrow is a significant day in the UK and in various “virus hotspots” around Europe. It will be mandatory for shoppers to wear masks and there is also a requirement to wear masks in all sorts of “public enclosed spaces” like waiting for a bus, ordering a takeaway etc. What is more, you will be fined £100 (around $130) for not wearing masks and police “can use force” if you refuse to comply with a request to wear a mask.

Now, you might think it peculiar as to what all the fuss is about regarding wearing a mask, after all, in certain countries of the world (particularly the East and Asia) wearing facemasks has been common since the early 2000s when the SARS virus was thought to have the potential to change human civilisation as we know it. Many think of it as a courtesy to others, to help prevent infection of your neighbour, it is an ethical thing to do. …

On the role of churches during the COVID-19 crisis.

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A quaint relic of a bygone age

In evolutionary theory a “vestigial organ” is said to be a vestige, an artefact, a relic of the previous state of development of the organism. Furthermore, it has no current functionality in the organism, and you can even remove it and not affect the life of the organism. In human anatomy, for example, I learnt at school around 40 years ago that our appendices in a peculiar place on our intestine were vestigial and so were my tonsils and adenoids. …


Michael Macneil MSc MA

I write engineering software for a technical website and am studying part-time for a PhD in Philosophy, https://planetmacneil.org.

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