Apologies for the delay, working away atm so takes me a while to catch up! I am sure there are many lurid stories on both sides of the argument designed to emotionally manipulate people (such is our age) but whichever way we look at it, there is a moral failure somewhere that makes it okay for pragmatic or utilitarian reasons or otherwise, to take the life of an innocent human being, to subsume any rights they should have as individuals. I do not need any “stirring up” on this issue — I am well stirred up already; in the US, as I understand it, each week there are 5000 babies terminated around 20 weeks gestation. These may not be viable outside the womb (though babies can and have survived at 22 weeks) but they are fully formed.

I do agree with you that the social dimension of the argument does seem to get lost and there is a deeper values issue about men and women not respecting one another sufficiently to consider the consequences of their actions and how they would deal with a pregnancy. There are obviously involved issues about rape and incest; perhaps some babies would be best adopted as the woman for whatever reason would be unable to offer any quality of life. However, we should never forget there is another life involved here and that should temper our demands for autonomy.

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I write engineering software for a technical website and am studying part-time for a PhD in Philosophy, https://planetmacneil.org/blog/.

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