Corona COVID-19 “Hoax” — Much more than meets the eye

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COVID-19 graphic

Trigger warning: do not read this if you are easily offended, some expletives are occasionally implicitly inferred for dramatic effect and sexual allegory is used to explicate an opinion about the operation of the media in one place. There is also considerable religious fanaticism expressed and atheists may wish to skip those paragraphs but may find them useful to read for the sake of future ridicule.

If you prefer a rather more factual approach to the problem and in particular the question of the terrible quality of the science that locked us all up, please read the relatively short article first:

Another more focussed article is here, dealing specifically with the surveillance technology aspect:

Update 07/05/2020: difficult to express how misinformed we have been, but this segment does a great job. Suddenly my articles do not seem as much inthe twilight zone as they might have seemed!

Update 07/04/2020: the first major contra-study published in one of the major medical peer reviewed medical journals underlining the poor quality of the science used to lock people up:

Update 30/04/2020: another interesting article

The disease is real but locking people up is not the answer, people getting themselves fit and healthy, testing and treatment is.

I am also not in any way seeking to add hurt to someone who has suffered personal loss through a death from COVID-19 or has been impoverished because of the financial crisis precipitated by the evil contagion now sweeping the planet or to denigrate all you heroes out there that are having unreasonable demands made on your skills and time, working to keep people safe and our supermarkets stocked in the face of us panic-buying toilet rolls and pasta. I, too, have immediate, weeping family members at the moment who have suffered great loss and trauma.

So, let me get this out of the way quick — I am not a conspiracy theorist, Elvis is not alive, and the Earth is not flat (apologies to my flat-Earth friends and, now, colleagues!). I want to give people something “entertaining” (I genuinely hope it is) but serious to read if they are confined to their homes like I now am (at least for work) and if the government gets its way, the country will be “locked down” meaning we will only be allowed outside at authorised times for food shopping.

Firstly, I also want to direct you to a couple of professional style articles so that you can see I am not being reckless or unreasonable in my position. In fact, I am appealing for a return to rationality and reason! The first one especially is an excellent article if you are interested in the medical assessment of the disease written by a senior medical professional at a leading US university, underlining the unreasonable media hype and the governmental abuse on the back of it in stripping people of their basic human rights to meet, work, trade and vote. The second is rather broader regarding general health issues that lead to something like COVID-19, no more serious than a common cold, killing people like common colds also do, for people with often preventable, poor health. He writes in a much less florid way than I do (you would hope so, he is a medical professional) and I would recommend reading these before my article as it shows I am not a complete fruitcake or lacking in basic human compassion:

How We Should Be Reacting to the CoronaVirus Pandemic

There’s an Epidemic that is a bigger threat than the coronavirus

I also do not pretend this is rigorously fact-checked at every point and figures quoted are a moving target, subject to daily revision. But it is truthfully stated in good faith (but that does not mean I am always right), it is polemical, rhetorical and designed to make you think at what a ridiculous and unreasonable situation we are now in. I am not medically trained so do not conceive that I am offering medical advice (see the articles above if you are interested in that) or am recommending you commit social insurrection and go for an unauthorised walk in the park, especially if you are in France or Spain. It is also true, that if you have no faith in God, Daddy State and Herr Doktor are your best friends (and for the British, God bless the National Health Service in these coming weeks, it will meet all your needs through its riches from your taxation, Bernie will be so proud of you)!

However, the global meltdown of rationality regarding the COVID-19 virus is either a spectacular example of media created hype that has so hyped it up that it created a global economic catastrophe or someone somewhere in the halls of power knows something much more than we are being told. I think both have happened — Warning- sexual allegory is used to describe the media here ****the media has masturbated ferociously and are now covered in its own ejaculations and are having severe problems with cleaning up the mess and now have a chronic sex addiction they do not know how to stop****end of allegory — and it is also pretty clear something else is bubbling away underneath the surface. This is what we probe in this rollercoaster ride. So to outline the article, the first rather long paragraph is conjectural (do not laugh at conjecture, it has an important role in scientific research, you might call it “guessing” but that is because you are uneducated, put on a lab coat and your guesses become conjectures) but I get more factual after that and then get spiritual/fanatical to finish off — I like to write inclusively 😊

The interesting conjecture is that this is the birth of the transnational world order — after years of trying to get nations to voluntarily submit to UN-style transnational authorities and failing spectacularly, it was time to get creative — we certainly cannot have any more Brexit style rebellions against transnational projects that define the globalist vision. The well-being of the world and the hard-one Post-War peace are at stake. We certainly cannot have Presidents like psycho-Trump who have been semi-successful in subverting the conventional wisdom of interdependent economies forced into symbiotic union in transnational blocs that sacrifice their own national identity, have open borders, enormous debts meaning your debtor nations are “partners” and tolerate high unemployment for some “common good”.

Trump really seems to be the globalist’s worst nightmare and it was then I realised our British media had no desire to report honestly about what was the real story about why so many Americans were voting for him, even if you despise the man. It was one of the two events that helped me lose faith in the objectivity of the BBC and most media to be honest, the other I wrote about at a similar time here. I remember listening to a radio broadcast where I was being told it was the end of Western civilisation if he got elected — Americans in droves would be heading for Europe because that psychotic nutter would be coming after them once he had his finger on the nuclear trigger — Americans reading this, this was on the mainstream, primetime news programme, the BBC gave around 30% of the programme one day to interviewing one American who had made his money from writing (positively) a decade earlier about Trump but was now a penitent liberal, he said exactly that (they even followed him up a year later and guess what, he was still in America doing very well off the back of Trump’s business reforms; I would have ended the interview there saying he lacked all credibility but they gave him another 10 minutes!!).

It got worse though, in the weeks leading up to the election the BBC had a host of other intellectuals saying the world needed to prepare for the breakdown of law and order worldwide if he got in. Yet, Trump’s most outstanding “achievement” seems to have been the recovery of the American economy after 20 years of decline by just kicking the rest of the world in the nuts and saying “America First” (something ridiculously irrational for an American to say) and being called a racist for wanting people to enter the country legally rather than doing the prophetically enlightened thing (if I am to believe my teachers or the Democratic Party) and just declare an amnesty for 12 million “undocumented” (aka. illegal) migrants (can you believe the audacity of the man?).

This crazy stuff will just not do and for the first time in history, the technology is here to launch a global scale political coup, you have a dodgy government in China that believes it is destined to rule the world (it is busy buying up large chunks of it) and the liberal money trail of Soros funded groups that are (un-)principled enough to give socialist revolution another try, it will be worth a repeat of the cathartic bloodletting of Stalin’s era to establish the communist paradise; “to compel us to be free for our own good”, as Rousseau wrote in the 1700s.

However, leaving aside all the more outlandish of my conjecture and admiration for Trump’s refusal to tow the internationalist line, whatever you think of Trump here is not the issue but the bankruptcy of our media, that is supposed to inform us, is. They are now news makers rather than news reporters which is very much our current Covid-19 hoax and at their feet, and at the feet of our irrational, breathtakingly ignorant, arrogant politicians content to strain the infection fly whilst swallowing the sloppy lifestyle camel, lies much of the blame for creating a worldwide paranoia, economic chaos and hysteria over something which empirically and scientifically, is a variant of the common cold.

Whatever you think…here is not the issue but the bankruptcy of our media, that is supposed to inform us, is. They are now news makers rather than news reporters which is very much our current Covid-19 hoax and at their feet, and at the feet of our irrational, breathtakingly ignorant, arrogant politicians content to strain the infection fly whilst swallowing the sloppy lifestyle camel, lies much of the blame for creating a worldwide paranoia, economic chaos and hysteria over…a common cold

Oh my gosh, you have gone off the deep end dear brother, I love my government and my media, they would never do that to me! Me too, I have to pray for them everyday and I hear your little heart-cry so let me get a little bit more factual if prophetically energised conjecture is not your thing. Wuhan, the Chinese epicentre, is now returning to relative normality with no new cases (bet you have not heard that — follow the link it is an amazing personal story of someone that lives there). One of the early narratives about the disease was that it was an animal virus that jumped to humans because of those dog-eating, rat-eating Chinese peasants — yeh, sure, believe that if you do not realise Wuhan city (like a lot of Chinese cities) makes most UK cities look like toy town, they ain’t hunting no rats to eat! What is not so well known about Wuhan is that it is home to one of China’s most secret bio-labs (secret in the sense it is a military grade research facility) and that one leading scientist was working in a “secret” Canadian government bio-lab in Winnipeg in Canada and was back and forward between the two. Canada and China working together on bio-weapons, mē genoito! (New Testament Pauline koine Greek optative “let it not be so!”). However, after a rather public falling out (that is how we know about this “secret” facility), Canada deported five of this person’s colleagues for “unspecified breaches”. My point:

Top-secret bio-lab — epicentre of a new disease fashioned after a common cold coronavirus that somehow shuts the world down — no wonder there is no word for coincidence in biblical Hebrew.

Some public (verifiable) facts about Chinese management of / involvement with the COVID-19 pandemic

8 Chinese journalists who broke the story internally “missing”.

The healthy doctor that “exposed” the involvement of the research lab killed (in full view of the world) probably by the Chinese Communist Party. The head of the WHO was busy congratulating China on its response and was asked about the killing by a BBC journalist, he ignored the question.

The boss of the doctor that “exposed” the involvement of the research lab killed probably by the Chinese Communist Party.

The researcher at the lab who was more than likely the first infected human with the laboratory generated pathogen we now know as COVID-19, “Patient Zero” has disappeared without trace despite official announcements she is alive and well working elsewhere. The CCP has not, as it normally does, produced the “missing” person to prove that they are alive — Searches by PhD researchers familiar with her research and China-savvy researchers have failed to locate her.

This video presents a pretty convincing account of what went on in Wuhan — my conjecture above seems to be off in places but I was in the right ball-park!

Explanatory note regarding Canadian deportations and a little oasis of comedic relief: this is significant because Canada really does not like deportation, it wants people, not deportees, because it is pretty empty anymore than 100 miles from the US border (someone, an American, says that is because they are all trying to get in — Canadians, I feel insulted too, lots of my relatives went to Nova Scotia). So much so, that jihadis are even welcome there, it is the number one destination for jihadis that left the EU to fight for ISIS and were not let back in — perhaps with the exception of Sweden which has an official government “reintegration” programme — because there were internet pictures of them with severed heads, machine guns, black flags and the like. As one of the Swedish ex-jihadis said, “not great when you return home and are looking for a new job and your potential employer checks your social media”.

A couple of other public facts are also worthy of consideration — the entire genetic code of the virus was passed to Oxford university within a couple of days of the outbreak going, err — viral (we found out about it) and I heard an interview (probably the middle of January) about how helpful the Chinese were and we would have a vaccine within a couple of weeks, “the race between those Oxford and Cambridge labs is on!”. Like it was a re-run of the boat-race and they even interviewed a recovered British Corona virus sufferer living in China who had not even realised he had it, it was all good fun !!!! Pretty impressive genome mapping or was this designed and they just passed the blueprints and maybe it was designed just a little too well to be resistant to those vaccine creating labs? The silence has been deafening since but apparently Israel is now only “weeks away from a vaccine”; it would be poetic if they got it done by Passover and the new One World community can break bread together. I, yes, this is another bit of personal conjecture, think those two “secret” labs have done a pretty good at creating a designer virus and wanted to test it using the Best of British.

Update 02/04/2020: according to this BBC report, “a vaccine is now at least a year away”…is it not remarkable how these goalposts move when noone is watching the game and our leaders and their advisers hope we are too stupid not to notice?

Wait and see what they have for us next time…I came across this video, whatever you think of the guy’s Christianity, there is some great information in this.

Still not convinced? Well what about that “whistle-blowing” doctor — the Chinese killed that traitorous mother-* and his boss, and were congratulated by the head of the WHO for taking “effective action which other nations should follow”; even a BBC reporter embarrassingly choked out the question (this is my paraphrase) — “didn’t they just kill a young, healthy strong doctor for letting the rest of the world know about this, haven’t you got anything to say about that?” If you watched the interview, the head of the WHO certainly did not have anything to say about it — you do not bite the hand of those who feed (fund) you especially when they are the strongest supporters of your One World project. Instead, suddenly we have the head of transnational organisation mandating and ordering governments to take away the rights of their citizens by “emergency temporary legislation” — well, if starter for 2 years in the UK is temporary — and you can bet there will be a new crisis every 1.75 years (I will bet my old Euros on it!) — our rights to assemble, shop, travel without harassment and vote have all been seriously curtailed permanently in the name of “public health” and we have swallowed it. Despite its profound implications for citizen’s rights, it is simply being “nodded through” Parliament, i.e. put into law with no scrutiny and no vote. Other highlights of this bill are:

1. The Bill gives police and immigration officers the power to detain members of the public for Coronavirus testing.

Establishing a basic precedent in law to arbitrarily retain people for some public health “risk”.

2. The Bill allows the Home Secretary to significantly extend the time frame for a judicial commissioner to review urgent surveillance warrants.

That gives the security services carte-blanche to use any means they fancy to “investigate”, tap your computer, hack your phone, eavesdrop when investigating “public health issues”, use the GPS of your phone to track where you are, and any other issue of “national security”.

After all, if you have nothing to hide, what are you afraid of?

I am not afraid but now all some unprincipled leader need do is create a public health emergency and we will all lock ourselves in our houses after buying up toilet rolls, beans and rice for the duration of the lockdown. Are you not tired yet of riding at the back of the Humanist bus? We need a few believers with the spirit of Rosa — this black lady is going to sit where she likes on this bus and besides, I always thought the Lord God owned the bus anyway but oh no, we take our cues from Caesar now in the name of delegated authority, “we have authority as we are under authority”. Dost thou not know, has thou not heard, the State is God walking on Earth? What wonderful Hegelians we now are!

Now consider also what the disease actually is — the article I referenced at the beginning does a really good job with this without any jargon so I recommend you read it. Coronaviruses are common cold like viruses; they are well understood though this one may have been customised to make it resistant to vaccine creation. It is a mild disease unless you have an underlying health condition with a maximum mortality rate of 4% though where the data is good, e.g. South Korea, the mortality is shown to be much lower at 0.5% and because lots of people have probably already had it and not realised, it is probably lower. Total deaths so far, around 9386 (2020.03.19).

In contrast, just consider around 30000 die per day from cancer and each winter 100000s die of “flu” related illnesses. I even heard another “expert” — well immunologist — arguing the disease will mutate in its own good time (like the other corona viruses do) into less serious strains even if we cannot get a vaccine quickly (though I read one report that there is a vaccine trial just started); he even suggested that might be advisable rather than locking everyone in, as exposure in the population group will stress it and increase the probability of mutation as well as build up immunity within the population.

The obvious question also then becomes, once it mutates, whatever vaccine is created will have limited effectiveness much like the annual flu-jabs. I have enough issues with my government, I do not need them giving me the flu every winter, so I ignore those compassionate texts from the NHS and go out running instead. Novel COVID-19 is here to stay, we will get multiple waves of the virus just like common colds, someone get a grip on reality unless we now want to do all our shopping on Amazon, eat takeaways and see our friends on Skype instead of going out. Perhaps the problem is more that we have been living such unhealthy and sloppy lives that this will affect us so much more than it should — this is to put in a single sentence what the medical professional in the other article I reference goes on to say (put down those cream cakes baby and hit the park running every day, it is your best protection from most viruses)! Prevention not treatment, prophets.

Novel COVID-19 is here to stay, we will get multiple waves of the virus just like common colds, someone get a grip on reality…Perhaps the problem is more that we have been living such unhealthy and sloppy lives that this will affect us so much more than it should.

*If you are not a fanatical Christian, you can skip the next paragraph if you do not want to be further offended*

But I have an existing chronic condition you uncompassionate mother-* and am wheelchair bound — so what? Get saved by Jesus and then healed by Him in one go, I have nearly died twice, was immobilised and it was only faith in Jesus that I needed to recover but I am forever thankful for those bags of intravenous antibiotics that saved me until I repented for my disobedient lifestyle. I was a tongue talking disobedient faith believer until rushed into the 3/4s dead ward (you repent in a hurry when you are dying and seeing the spirit realm with your waking eyes like all the time).

“you repent in a hurry when you are dying and seeing the spirit realm with your waking eyes like all the time”

So I got my wife to bring in a Bible and all those fanatical Copeland healing tapes, read the Word until my eyes would not focus any longer and then listened to those tapes for three days rather than watching Dale’s Supermarket Sweep repeats on day time TV that was put on in the ward from 6:30am to 9:30pm — how is that ever going to help anyone get well?? I got raised up on the third day (yes, really poetic!) after entering that ward sitting in pools of my own blood haemorrhaging out of me and then went around the ward talking with and praying for all the other chronic patients that had been stuck there for weeks, they all got healed too, discharged and I was left in the ward on my own until I too was discharged. What a fanatic that makes of a man!!

John G Lake used to send his healing room apprentices out to dying patients with the instructions, do not come back until they are healed — some would be gone five minutes, some five days, some five weeks, some five months. Some would die and he would send them back to raise them up — try that now and you would be litigated by the Christian family relatives let alone the sinner-boys, I am serious. He had a near 100% success rate. Ever wondered why our healing rooms barely scrape 25%?

*End of fanatical paragraph — though the remaining ones are not much better*

So, the obvious question has to be, why has the world gone *-ing crazy over something so normal? Someone said “the devil is behind it” — a clear-thinking secular humanist would probably find this thoroughly rational in the current climate after we have secularised “devil” to just meaning the adversary of humanity (very popular in theological circles at the moment). The adversary of sane, rational, reasonable humanity what a commendation for our postmodern age! It is particularly ironic that Germany banned religious gatherings — obviously God is deemed incompetent to help us Germans by our leaders! What I think is even more inexplicable is how in the name of Romans 13 and Matt 22:21 the entire Christian world seems to have rolled over at the behest of their governments — with the notable exception of Jennifer Le Claire, see her exceptional message, “Prophetic Perspective on the Corona Virus” (AM Service) on, you will have to join AHOP to get it but it is free to join and takes two minutes. Sure, I will give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and will pray fervently for my government, but the government should be worthy of it or we should celebrate totalitarianism too. Remember Paul called governments “minsters of God” in Romans 13 but John called them “beasts” in Revelation. It is the ministers of God we honour (as also said Peter) and obey, not the beasts. We should oppose the beasts with everything in us rather than making apologies for the unscientific and totalitarian actions of our governments.

Can you just see Jesus suspending his Jordan-valley campaigns and self-isolating in the upper room with his disciples because the Emperor wants to control the spread of a new Tango-virus created by the alchemists of Babylon? No, there would have been lines of sick folks in front of every disciple carried from the four corners of the Empire, they would have been coughing in their faces whilst getting prayed for and in close social contact as they laid hands on each other. Centurions would have been falling down before them rather than fining them for non-compliance. Jesus (though he might have delegated this to Judas as financial controller) would have been on Roman GOD-TV with “make your way to the Messiah-worldwide healing centres, food distribution centres and collect your household essentials from Messiah-Co-Op, bring all your relatives and unsaved friends too! Whilst Caesar looks after Caesar’s, we give you what we have!”

Instead, we are probably cancelling our services and are more embarrassing and disorganised than the secular world. But cheer up, revival is coming, I hear my brethren prophesy; trouble is, what are we reviving people into, we have no alternative community structure to support those multitudes about to be swept in on the waves of apostolic worship. Believers need to start to be something more than tolerated on the fringes of society and have the social infrastructure to support one another in times like this and dare I say it, actually have the solutions before the next crisis and really serious virus hits which will surely come.

It is not as if this is new either and we could not have prepared. I remember witnessing in 2003 the suspension of civilised behaviour during the fuel tanker driver strike in the UK — people were fighting in the supermarket carparks over bread, women with children in the car were attacked for allegedly jumping the queue at petrol stations when all they had was a different engine that required richer fuel than the modern car and those pumps were empty. I also remember the stink of the funeral pyres of burning animals sacrificed because of some mild infection treatable by antibiotics, a small European nation in which I was living humiliated because two other big bully nations illegally blocked the export of meat from the UK and we rolled over backwards to try and appease them (I find it ironic that France, one of those nations that stuck the boot into rural Wales at that time, is the first European country to now ban its citizens it was so eager to protect from dodgy meat leaving their homes and going to those same restaurants that refused to close because their governments told them to; now they exercise their liberty to have a walk in the park or a chat in the café at the pain of a €100 (about $130) fine, liberté et égalité!).

However, these were localised skirmishes where the globalists were seeing how they could control a nation by manipulating the power supply and they realised it required on-going energy interdependence between nations. So, the UK, along with many other European nations during the 2000s, as a matter of policy, decided to stop being energy self-sufficient and now rely on Russia for gas; does that explain why we do not want to upset Putin as he bombs Syria and the EU, dependent in the same way, made so little fuss as the displaced millions headed for its borders? Wir schaffen das! It got our Merkel on the front of Time as compassionate woman of the year and being a refugee from East Germany you can acknowledge the genuineness of her words, but the Germans also wanted to keep their factories running and their central heating on using Russian gas. The Russians had already turned Ukraine off, DE did not want similar problems! Of course, things have changed a bit now, wir können das nicht schaffen and we are happy to send Greece and Turkey lots of money to keep the immigrants out by shooting them and overturning their rubber dinghies if necessary to preserve the integrity of the EU.

So, in summary, during the 2000s the globalists learnt that you can control nations by managing their energy supply and the individuals in those nations by threatening the food supply; they found it straightforward to create localised panic but not global confusion. Thus, followed SARS, Ziba, Ebola — in fact one virus a year for most of the 2000s but they just could not get the global dysphoria to bite so they took a break — until now. Now that we live empowered in the social media world, there is such an appetite for misinformation and a willingness to publish anything for likes, we can now have something like a common cold transformed by clicks into something worse than the bubonic plague that is going to cause millions of deaths in multiple countries all round the world before we have a vaccine; the very foundations of human civilisation are under threat and the Church, with the world, has bought into it. We are seeing the Brave New World of Huxley (we believe anything our government tells us, it is for our own good) and the Ministry of Truth world of Orwell (your government decides what is true and will then meet all your needs according to its riches from your taxes) manifesting before our very eyes. I think I have found an answer to that ancient Texas question posed by my favourite preacher “how dumb can you get?”

If you do not realise by now that this is a coordinated and orchestrated event, probably a rehearsal for a future “proper” virus event that helps usher in a transnational revolution and establishes a new form of global government, you are not smelling the roses. We need to be ready. That was the way the historical church used to operate before the full gospel became the gospel of salvation only.

But I must respect my elders in the faith who clearly have thought this issue through with great rigor and in good faith, anyone can get on a blog and rant when they are not responsible for others, thanks for letting me work at home and for watching online only church services! I love you!

Postscript (2020.03.18): I was moderately encouraged by a telephone conversation I just had with my employer this afternoon (a major international ministry) after I interrogated my boss yesterday (mildly — I am very low on the food-chain) regarding our total failure to respond with any type of faith or action or even a statement on our UK/EU websites despite the head of the ministry having made a long video discussion available about it a few days ago. I had been even more irritated when I read a press release from US-HQ this morning which seemed to be buying into this hoax.

Positively though, it spurred me to comment on Romans 13 and Matthew 22:21 in this unbiased and calm analysis. I suspected that the problem for the EU arm of the ministry is that it is constituted as a charity and has to respect (runs scared) of the Charity Commission who tend to censor the British arm of the ministry. For example, you cannot say “receive your healing and God’s protection” but rather, “you might possibly, if all ten planets line up and the cow jumps over the moon, receive your healing and God if He is not too busy, may protect you”. Sure, slightly exaggerated but not much, we really do have to change captions we receive from the US when advertising events. Caesar tells us what to do, for after all he is giving us tax concessions, and we obey. I would prefer we pay our taxes and say what we like but that is above my paygrade.

But back to my boss ringing me, he sidestepped the question yesterday but was inspiring on the phone today about not giving into fear and Jesus is the answer and we belong to Jesus so we have the answers, we need to be the example. Amen brother, so when are we meeting, taking photos of us in close social contact and showing the world our faith and confidence in the Psalm 91 God? Oh, it’s a Zoom call! But at least it seems we now have some kind of plan to make faith-based information and resources available rather than being Caesar’s lapdogs and it really does seem some people are waking up.

I write engineering software for a technical website and am studying part-time for a PhD in Philosophy,

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