Hi Elle, thank you for the thoughtful comment but as I understand it he had been subject to numerous FBI investigations, 2 out of the 3 accusers seemed prima facie to be of questionable reliability (the attorney for one has been arrested) and the committee has since taken evidence from 40+ witnesses and written a report where it could find no corroboration from those named by Dr Ford as supporting witnesses, indeed they were contradictory (true, the republicans on it wrote it — but there has been no minority report or attempts at refutation, the silence is deafening!).

I think you are quite right that his conduct during the hearings could be challenged but his hearing process was truly exceptional — no other potential jurist was subject to the public (worldwide) mauling or intemperate questioning as well as more written questions than all other potential judges put together. He recognised his fault afterward and I, especially after the joint interview with his wife, his record of service and the attempted trawling of over 2 million documents of his past judgments and work history (which has turned up nothing) was prepared to cut him some slack.

As I said in the article, along with the timing of the accusation and comparing the process with arguably the more conservative Gorsuch, it seemed this was a cynical political process exploiting the legitimate concerns of women regarding institutionalised abuse.

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