Is it not fascinating though, that if you read the reviews of Peterson’s recent book on amazon, it is actually the New Statesman (a staple of the British Left) and some other ‘non-neocon’ sources that are actually praising him. I am actually stimulated to find out what this guy is all about because of the amount of intellectual capitol spent on him.

If nothing else, his objection to the potential misuse of the Canadian statute is a valid one, it is possible that it could be abused in the way he says (regardless of people saying he has misunderstood it). Canada has some of the most repressive laws regarding free speech passed in the name of ant-hate speech, e.g. expect arrest in some places if you were to say ‘the Bible says homosexuality is wrong’. I would far rather there be a debate on that point than to simply arrest someone for saying it.

To blanket dismiss someone because of logical inconsistencies does not help the cause of intellectual rigour which you seem to be arguing for. If we just say ‘Seriously’ we have become that which we have criticised.

I write engineering software for a technical website and am studying part-time for a PhD in Philosophy,

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