First of all, thanks for reading at least some of it. If you did not read it all, then my real point is that the use of the pain and abuse of women in this episode seems to me deeply cynical by politicians for their own ends, it was brought up at the last possible second after all other avenues of derailment were exhausted. How you get “The last thing American women want to hear is that her life isn’t as important as a man’s” I am rather mystified; if you read my opening remarks, part of my motivation in life is making sure women in some of the hell-holes of the world have the opportunity to escape sexual slavery, subjugation and abuse.

As for not living in America unfortunately it is all over our slavering media too. The only people that hate Trump more than your media is probably our media (it was twice the shock for them when Trump won they were openly mocking him during the campaign as a no-hope wannabe) which is why I made the effort to at least read some of the Washington Post and NYT coverage as well as one of your “Christian” networks as well as some of the other comment here on Medium.

I have inherited three daughters who are now in their mid-twenties, my hope for them is that they become successful and independent, free from exploitation and living in a de-sexualised culture. I would hope my opinion is slightly more considered than “shit” but far, far worse has been said about me too!

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I write engineering software for a technical website and am studying part-time for a PhD in Philosophy,

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