Heard these Trump stories yesterday if you feel like some Christmas cheer should extend even to him, they gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside:

a. He was being chauffeured by a female limousine driver and they got stranded after a blowout and she or him could not change the tyre (UK spelling for “tire” is that really how you spell it over there?). A guy in a passing pick-up truck seeing the predicament pulled up and did it for them. Trump got the guy’s name and paid off his house :-)

b. A Hispanic guy was working raking the sand at his golf club in Florida and he asked to be let out of the limousine to talk to him. He then spent a good long time talking to him to the embarrassment of his motorcade. Apparently his Dad had told him if he wanted to find out what was really going on at any of his development projects he needed to go and speak to the plumbers and the electricians, not the bosses or the foremen (sorry, do not know the gender neutral version of foreman).

c. He never takes his presidential salary but sends it to a different charity (not his own :-) ) every month.

Ho, ho, ho — peace and good will on Earth to all men, women, intersex…maybe just “people” will do…

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I write engineering software for a technical website and am studying part-time for a PhD in Philosophy, https://planetmacneil.org/blog/.

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